Tamil Nadu Government Doctors Association


Prof Dr.K.Senthil, MD.

Dr.B.Rajesh Kumar, MD. Dr.J.Rajkohila, MD.

President's Message

Dear Friends,

Hearty welcome and warm regards to all our members

I take  great delight and privilege to lead the most esteemed TNGDA. TNGDA a self governing autonomous body by the Government Doctors of Tamilnadu for the Government Doctors of Tamilnadu has been transforming all the challenges faced by its members into triumphs over the past 5 decades. Uniqueness of TNGDA is that though it havens Government Doctors from different Departments, it continues to cater to the demands/grievances of each individual. The faith and confidence that members carry over the association and its leaders is the significant strength of our association. Not by mere words but by actions TNGDA has proved its strength, accomplishments and earned the reputation it deserves. Especially during covid pandemic TNGDA pledged to support, protect and safeguard the well being of each doctor. The unimaginable power of this association is only because of its enthusiastic members and their active participation. TNGDA thanks all its members for their constant support.

TNGDA always finds immense pleasure in reaching out to all its members in all ways possible. Though TNGDA is accessible in various social platforms, this TNGDA website will be an official way to communicate information to its members. It will hold collective information of  past memories, present updates and future plans.

TNGDA thanks Dr.Ponnuraj, our past State Treasurer who was instrumental in the Initial launch of the website in 2007. The TNGDA website was updated in 2014 by the efforts of Dr. Vasanthageethan and Dr Ponnuraj.
The present updation is to update technologically in new platform and also with young team of Webmasters.
This TNGDA website aims to provide information  to our members from all directorates, information about district and state cabinet members, frequent updates about TNGDA events at district and state level, photo galleries and members corner, etc., keeping in mind to work for the wellbeing of every  member.

Friends, along with the successful TNGDA Telegram group which contains about 9000 members, and TNGDA FB which has few thousand followers, this website will form the main mode to reach members. I do request you to convey your suggestions, constructive criticisms to our official mail.
I assure that as the Publisher, will take up the responsibility and carry out the service for our own brethren.
I thank Dr Ponnuraj, Dr Vasanthageethan for their huge work since the beginning. Now the young team Dr. Rajesh Kumar and Dr. Rajkohila have taken a big responsibility to design and launch the website.
The TNGDA will finalise the web Editor and Webmasters to administrate the website shortly.


Prof Dr.K.Senthil, MD.


Prof Dr.K.Senthil, MD.

State President

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